Studio Covid-19
Rules and Regulations 



1. Dancers may only enter the building 5 minutes prior their first class.



2. No parents will be allowed in the studio unless owner permits them. 



3. Masks are recommended for parents during drop off, if you choose to not wear one please keep to the 6 foot distances.



4. Dancers are to wait in their cars, or stand on the socially distanced markings out side the front door. We ask that parents do not leave until their child(ren) is safely in the building.



5. If your child(ren) is sick, think they are sick or have symptoms of any kind, we ask you to please stay home for our safety and the safety of others. 



6. Dancers are to take notice of the “Sanitation Stations” throughout the studio, sanitize thoroughly when asked. 



7. Dancers are to arrive fully dressed in their dance attire. There will be no changing allowed in the bathroom.



8. Dancers will be asked to disinfect the bathroom after use with the cleaning supplies provided. (We will show the dancers how to do this.)



9. We ask that dancers only bring the essentials to class. (A small dance bag, the correct dance shoes, a water bottle with the dancers name on it, no additional items are permitted.)



10. Each dancer will be assigned a number at arrival and that will be their number for the rest of class. All dancers will have their own cubby, and socially distanced dance square.



11. There is absolutely no hugging or touching among students allowed. Social distancing and awareness is required.



12. Please make sure that all personal items are collected and brought home as there will be no lost and found.



13. We have added a 30 minute time slot for cleaning and dismissal of students. Students that are taking multiple classes will be asked to stay in their dance square and bring non-messy snacks and/or crafts. 



14. Each night the studio will be deep cleaned for the health and safety of our students and staff.



15. Parents must arrive on time for pick up. Dancers will be asked to use hand sanitizer when arriving and leaving.



16. Dancers will be dismissed one at a time. Parents of dancers are to wait outside on the socially distanced markings or in their car. 


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